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To have desirable loving relationships (intimate, marital, family, friends, colleagues), one has to truly be happy (in love) with themselves. Physical, mental and spiritual health and harmony will bring you true happiness.

This blog is designed to help you find all of this… & through it, a love like you’ve never known (but always desired)!

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26 thoughts on “About DesirableLove.com”

  1. Thank you for the recent visit to my blog page. I am truly humble by the support. May the continue journey of sharing your unique gift with the universe create new awareness of receiving and sharing limitless love lighting the way for all wishing to follow.

    With Love & Light !

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    1. I’d like to thank you for such kind & supportive words… they are truly appreciated! Love (understanding and compassion) come from all of us sharing (learning to understand one another). Thank you for sharing and letting us see the beautiful heart within you!

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  2. Opening-up emotionally completely or like you say ‘getting naked’ is unhealthy 4 one’s inner-balance could become influenced or worse dependent of their moods & responses. It could even become dangerous when the relationship is over, when your heartfelt desires or better said your ‘crazy thoughts’ become public & you’ll be judged upon them. When we depend 2 much on another like in lots of love-relationships, we cannot but be or get torn between joy & pain. If one’s inner-balance &/or being depends on external ‘things’ then the external ‘things’ will control sooner than later the internal ‘things’. Awesome blog Congrats


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I believe your comment is in response to my post: Sex God(dess)? If you get a moment, check out my posts: Givers Need to Set Limits Because Takers Never Do, Open Up Your Mind, Your Body & Your Heart, and Love only those who are already full of love. I think they address your concerns. I agree: Do not open up your most inner self to negative/destructive people. Focus on your building self-love 1st, so you are not so dependent on another to (ful)fill you. Once you truly love yourself — you will be able to spot truly positive constructive people… then you will not need to fear getting (emotionally) “naked”. With emotional walls built by fear (from past suffering), there will never be love. & a desirable love is as essential to our health and well-being as the air we breathe…

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  3. Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog and choosing to follow. With so many options from which to choose, I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. I read your two most recent posts – Unconditional Love: Warning & Mother Love. I think we could probably chat for hours about the importance of loving yourself first in order to be all of who you were created to be. I recently took a course by Alison Armstrong and she put it the most succinctly for me “What if you are already great, and just to exhausted to be who you are?” The light finally went on for me that the ones I love truly lose out when I don’t take the time to take care of me so that I can be me! I look forward to reading more of your work.

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    1. Hi Paula! Thank you! It’s funny you say that… When I was a child and people asked my siblings and I, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. The eldest, my brother, would always say, “A doctor!” My older sister would always say, “A veterinarian!” Then I would always follow with,”I just want to be happy!” Little did I now, out of the three “occupations”, happiness takes the longest (and the most work) to master! My brother did become a doctor; my sister, a registered nurse… & I am happy (not every moment of every day of course — but nothing keeps me down for long — for this I am very grateful).

      Thanks for reaching out! Have a lovely day!


  4. I loved your blog!!
    Thank you for liking my post ‘ In All’. Please do see my first post ‘ ‘Synchronised with Synchronicity’ and ‘ To a Bodisatva’ both resonate well with what you discuss!

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