Be You (tiful)!

I was in the fashion industry for years. Therefore, I do appreciate outer/superficial beauty. And, as mentioned in my previous post, I understand its value and limitations in society. I just want to add: you can value superficial beauty. However, make sure it is be you (tiful)!

Changing fashion and beauty trends are often bizarre because they have to be different/new – to create a reason for people to buy them. If there wasn’t constantly something “new”, people would not have a constant (conditioned) need to buy (and the industry would suffer financially). The trick: learn to use the industry to your advantage – not theirs. Remember to be you (tiful).

Know: everyone has natural beauty. Everyone. The key to being a beauty is to make all your features (appear) harmonic. It is not who is the skinniest, or, who is the most voluptuous, or, who has the longest hair, or, who has the -est or –iest of anything. Any extreme, of any feature is bizarre looking. Bizarre is not beautiful. Period.

Instead of stressing yourself to be every fashion and beauty trend –est and -iest… First and foremost, just be your health-iest. Then, don’t allow fashion and beauty trends to dictate your looks (no one is beautiful in every trend). Instead, use fashion and beauty trends as experiments to figure out what makes you the most be you (tiful). Make the fashion trend your own. Don’t be afraid to tweak it to fit your personal beautifying needs.

If you are healthy – you will be beautiful! If your fashion & beauty tricks are harmonic (not extreme/trendy) – you will be breathtaking! If your are breathtaking – no one will notice if you are following a fashion trend or not! Simply be you (tiful)!

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New York University MA · Aesthetics (study of the mind and emotions in relation to the sense of beauty/harmony) Colloquium Title: “The Meta- and Physical Epistemology of Aesthetics: how the human body, mind & spirit are effected by beauty/harmony & love” New York University BA · Double Major: Psychology/Art History · Double Minor: Writing/Photography Former Columnist New York Post · New York, NY

4 thoughts on “Be You (tiful)!”

  1. GREAT advice! Thank you for sharing. I now realize how true this is as a middle-aged women. I believe teenage girls need to hear this repeatedly so that this message overrides the wrong impressions they see and hear constantly all around them on a daily basis. My parents were pretty good at expressing the idea. However teen girls hear the exact opposite message in music, on television and the Internet. As a teen you listen more to these outside influences during a very critical point of life. You eventually come around. Usually after making bad decisions. As a mother of a teen, I try to surround her with positive influences. I know we can’t control everything they see and hear, however it would help tremendously if teen public figures were more positive influences! A big shout out to those who are! Thank you for sharing this wonderful post and thanks for visiting my blog, that’s how I found you!

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  2. Dear 2inspire4ward,

    I want to tell you that I read your comment on my iPhone as I was rushing to a meeting after lunch…. It touched me deeply, actually bringing tears to my eyes. I want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to craft such a thoughtful comment.

    I am not sure if I am deserving of such an accolade. However, I completely empathize with all of your thoughts about needing positive influences for all of us (agreeing that teenagers are particularly vulnerable).

    I believe all forms of beauty (both material and metaphysical) are important — for humans are both physical and spiritual beings. Unfortunately, our culture’s primary focus on the physical — without much regard for the spiritual — is certainly reaching havoc in many people’s lives and relationships. Hopefully, if we all work together. We can swing the pendulum in the other direction.

    As C.S. Lewis noted: “You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.”

    Thanks again. You have truly inspired me forward. ~ desirable love


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